Cave Art Collection

The act of creation is a long process. Most of the paintings I create, start with a black ground of gesso and then I sketch in the composition with a white watercolour pencil. I love the rich warm terra cotta colours and earth tones of the cave paintings. I will use touches of silver and copper paint to reflect the metallic striations in the rock and leave areas of black to imitate the crevices and chambers inside the cave. It may take three months or a year or two to complete a painting depending on the blocks of time I have to work on them.
Sometimes the subject matter is generated by something I have read, but more often by something I have felt or witnessed in my profession. As a therapist, I have used the act of creation to avoid compassion fatigue and increase acceptance of self. I find that when I paint it is like a form of meditation which helps me to build a foundation of mindfulness. It is documented that art is truly a way to relieve the pain and anxiety of loss and find calm in a chaotic world.

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