Landscapes Collection

My landscapes are created from my imagination and from actual places I have visited. Some of the paintings recall camping trips in Algonquin or Manitoulin Island or a holiday that I had in Italy. Other paintings are local places like my own backyard that have inspired me because of the big sky, the sunset on a field of snow, the fall colours in the trees, the winter wheat on the highway or the churned-up water in the Sydenham river.

The river may meander calmly down and around the bend on the horizon. Serenity…this is the feeling. The decision to use a certain combination of colours will express that feeling for me. Analogous colours or complementary colours may hold meaning for the subject matter. For example, orange and black remind one of Halloween which may conjure up fear. The imagery in the painting may tell a story. It is up to the spectator to solve the mystery and figure out the meaning.

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